Notice – Tantric Master Jenny Duck to Cover My Yoga Classes

Jenny Duck
Jenny Duck, Palmengarten Frankfurt, is self-taught Tantric guru.

Last week my boyfriend and I were sunbathing on the designated sunbathing lawn of Frankfurt’s Palmengarten. While he reads the second newspaper of the day and fourteen newspaper of the week, my iPod plays back a lecture from one of my favorite yoga guru’s on the Tantric Shiva-Shakti philosophy.

The teacher explains:

Shiva is unchanging awareness.
Shakti is cosmic energy.

Shiva is immovable, eternal, imperishable, the substrate behind it all.
Shakti is the moving, creative force behind all manifestations.

At the zenith of the lecture, the teacher raises his voice and insists:

You exist. You are Shiva.
You create. You are Shakti.

My eyes glance to the pictures in the newspaper to find the most handsome national soccer players. As my attention shifts to the summer heat, the voice of the guru drifts to into the distance. I roll onto my back to let the sun hit my eyes.

A grimace of irritation extends across my face as I ask myself – do I get this shit?

Do I get what the guru means – that enlightenment can be found in the Tantric tenets “I exist” and “I create” ?

Sitting up slightly dazed from the overload of UV rays to my now tightly closed corneas, I see Jenny Duck waddle by. We had last seen Jenny Duck with a large brood of handsome ducklings. And here she stood, as beautiful as ever, but alone.

Sadness hits us. The late night nibbles of Red, the lanky city fox, decimated yet another fowl family.

Before moving onto the Finance section of the paper, my partner uttered rhetorically, what does she think when she loses all her ducklings?

I replied to his already distracted ears:

Jenny doesn’t think. Jenny exists. Jenny creates.

I turned off the podcast and knew. Jenny is my guru. Jenny taught me in a second, what hundreds of hours of yoga classes did not.

  • “I exist” means: I am alive. I am free. I am complete. No loss will stop me from continuing to exist, from doing what I am meant to do, from standing in the pure awareness of this very moment.
  • “I create” means: I accept the cycles of the material – birth, existence and death. Loss means moving into a new cycle of creativity. I cannot not create.

While we listen to the “Power of Now” for the 100th time to get over our lost dreams, Jenny will have swam, sun bathed, built nests, mated and hatched new ducklings. She is the Power of Now, the unity of Shiva and Shakti.

Jenny has agreed to cover my yoga classes. Please go to the park to meet a real guru.

Location – Palmengarten, Frankfurt.



3 thoughts on “Notice – Tantric Master Jenny Duck to Cover My Yoga Classes

  1. WOW! everyone needs to read this! such an enjoyable mix of humor, lightheardedness and truly an art of words that make one feel less alone in this big world wondering about our existence. Lastly, you are an artist with words. Thank you. Oh, can one send it to others via email or just twitter/facebook/wp?

  2. Jenny Duck is wonderful. We watch her aunt or sister at the pond near our house. Your yoga classes teach us well to be in the present, connect to our bodies and sometimes we can even fly !!!

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