Half-naked, Vegan Yogini on the Beach Saves Rabbits in China

Self marketing – a tough one for sensitive yoga types like myself. How do I convince YOU to come to my yoga class? How do I keep YOU as a customer? How do I show YOU that YOU need me? (German version)

In a marketing course for yoga teachers, a Yoga mega-star recommended that you should market yourself on social media in the ratio 1/10 – that means one post about me and my courses. 9 posts about something else.

The result?

In a fit of boredom, here is what I came up with.

(Click on map for details)



Great. Save the world, eat vegan and all of that please in an arm-balance on the beach in your underpants. Oh – and do not forget to quote Rumi in the process.

What does Social Media Yoga have to do with my personal experience of yoga? Maybe there is a deeper answer to this, but for now I know I “like” the categories:

  • “Good Fun” posts – feet on the mat pictures aside, I mean that honestly. I like photos of normal people who are having fun – whether practicing yoga or any where else.
  • “Come to my” weekly class, Master Class, etc. posts. After the guilt trips about eating meat,  I am just happy to know where my favorite teachers are.

If we meet on social media, be warned that I will also post “good fun” pictures and our course my teaching schedule. (Remember, this is about self marketing!)

As for the rest? Never say never. I will definitely do another professional photography session – perhaps even in Thailand on the beach. It cannot be ruled out that I publish a yoga book and George Clooney does the forward. But I probably cannot save the world in the near future. What you eat and wear is your business, not mine.

What I can do is practice and teach yoga. To me, yoga means connecting with our souls, with our “I am-ness” and creative force. Until I manage that, I prefer to trust the power that created us take care of the rest. She seems to have one up on me.


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